Bat Bunker Pricing

  • 80% success rate of attracting bats compared to the competition
  • Made with Cedar and Exterior grade plywood
  • Made in the USA
  • Mounting holes on top, ready for mounting



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This bat house will hold up to 300 mosquito eating bats! Bats can eat thier body weight in night-time insects in a single night! Control mosquitoes naturally with a bat house. Looker Bat houses are built to the Organization for Bat Conservations specifications, which means they are 80% likely to attract bats, compared to smaller houses, which may only have up to a 10% chance of attracting bats. The landing pad an interior of the house is coated in nylon mesh, making it easier for the bats to maneuver inside the house. This bat house also has the correct ventilation gap for air to circulate in the house, making it better for the bats. Made in the USA using red cedar and exterior grade plywood.