Bat Benefits

As with all the creatures on our planet bats plays a vital role in the intricate web of our echo systems. Unfortunately there is quite a lot of misconceptions when it comes to bats.

Like rats many people think of bats as dirty, disease ridden creature that are meant to be exterminated and banned from their property.

Bats of course are well known for the insatiable appetite for insects, everyone has seen bats cruising the night sky picking of bugs like little fighter pilots, one after the other, all night long before returning to their roosting chambers.

There are many claims from bat house Manufactures telling people that bats can eat 2000- 3000 mosquitoes an hour or other such claims to entice them into buying bat house for the purpose reducing or eliminating mosquito populations.

And while they do eat a lot of bugs and help considerably in maintaining balance in insect populations, that is not the only benefit we get from our friendly flying mammals.

One of the main Benefits of bats are their pollinating skills. There are many crops around the world that depend on pollination from bats such as bananas, mangoes, figs, dates and many others that are critical to the over all food chain within various eco systems.

They are also very important in tropical climates in spreading seeds around the forests which help plants of all kinds spread and propagate creating further habitat for more plants and animals of all kinds.

Bats really are wonderful, important and beautiful creatures when viewed without prejudice.