Bat Bunker

Bat Bunker: The Bat House That Bats Love !

So what can you do when your home or structure becomes the roosting site for a colony of bats? Assuming you don’t want the bats in your home there are solutions to this problem.

The first thing you need to do is find out how the bats are getting in, this can be challenging considering the species of bats we are dealing with here in North America only need a small crack a half inch or less to get in.

Once you find the areas of your structure that the bats are gaining entry, a plan must be implemented to plug those holes, or in some cases with barns and sheds where plugging holes may not be practical, a mesh netting is used that prevent bats from entering.

The mesh allows the bats to leave at night but they will not be able to re enter. What ever your strategy or method you must allow for the bats to leave at night before blocking the entry ways.

You “do not want to trap the bats” in the structure , this will only cause their death and create a mess of decaying bats in your home or structure, this is not something you want , nor do you want to do harm a very valuable species to our Eco systems.

Now that you have “Bat Proofed” your structure the bats will essentially be homeless and the colony will suffer from the abrupt disruption in their daily lives.

This is where property owners around the country can step up and help one of the most important species of animal in our Eco system by providing alternative roosting structures like the The Bat Bunker. Where Bats Feel Safe !

Ideally you would want your Bat Bunker set up before you kick the Bats out of the house so they would have an immediate replacement roosting site, although sometimes its hard to plan that far ahead.

The good news is that bats will return to rooting sites year after year which increases the need and the probability that your generous contribution of a Bat Bunker to your property will be occupied at some point as they settle in year after year to their new home.

For most situations this will likely take a couple seasons as the bats adjust to the newly available structure, although the design behind the Bat Bunker is meant to enhance occupancy because of it size and heat holding capabilities.

  • 80% success rate of attracting bats compared to the competition
  • Made with Cedar and Exterior grade plywood
  • Made in the USA
  • Mounting holes on top, ready for mounting



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